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BCDC 2021

The BCDC has remained stable over the coronavirus pandemic unfortunately it has meant that no events have been able to take place and the committee have sat on all British Dance Council and other associations it is a member of to ensure competitors have been represented. The BDC are working with the DCMS to provide a pilot competition in 2021 to allow further guidance for competitions to be generated and the restart of the competitive circuit in the UK. The latter part of spring is when is predicted for this to take place.

The BCDC Executive committee roles are the same for 2021 and the EC will work to bring events back and continue to represent competitors on the British Dance Council in the coming year.

The British Competitors Dancesport Corporation would like to thank members for their support this year and would like to offer free membership for all competitors in 2021.

We hope you have a festive season of dance with Dance Studios and Schools being allowed to reopen in December and wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

The BCDC Executive Committee


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