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If you have a query or a problem as a competitor, the BCDC is designed to help you. With having two seats on the British Dance Council, (BDC) , we are able to debate on all of today's dancing issues. We also have a seat on the International Professional Affairs Committee, which solely deals with competitive issues around the World.


Our position on the BDC, entitles us to attend the WDC meetings, which cover the problems and issues of World dancing. Many of our E.C. are also involved with the World Competitors Commission. The BCDC keeps it's members up to date with World issues and important changes that are happening in the ever-changing Dancesport Industry.


The E.C. meets throughout the year, with our Annual General Meeting usually being held at Blackpool in November. If you wish to know more about the organisation, then please contact the Secretary, via the contact page of this website.

The History of the BCDC

The BCDC was founded around 1988. The first members included Marcus Hilton MBE, Donnie Burns MBE, Steve Powell, and Mark Parkin. The organisation was born due to the escalating problems competitors were facing around the world.


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