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Role of the BCDC 


We attend the WDC TCC meetings, which cover the problems and issues of World dancing. Some of our Executive Committee are also involved with other World Associations and help shape BDC Competitions and Championships.

BCDC Events


BCDC Training days

BCDC Fundraiser

BCDC Showcase 

Executive Committee Profiles

Supporting Competitiors


2020 and 2021 has seen a massive impact on the world of dance and the BCDC continues committed to competitors to voice their opinions to the British Dance Council and further a field, to ensure a fair and competitive playing field for all British Dancers. 
Dancing is important to use all and the BCDC has grown over the past few years to join together many dancers of all levels and ages, in the spirit of dance friendship and a network of support. 

Contact Us

The Executive Committee have meetings throughout the year to ensure issues raised by members can be brought to BDC meetings, so if you have something you wish to bring to the EC please fill out the form below

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